How to Protect your home network using – Firewall, Access Control,

It is essential that your home network is protected from any kind of malware mischief or infections. This portion of the article will give you the necessary information about how to protect your personal computer and home network using the Firewall software. 

To put it simply, firewalls create a filter between your personal network/computer and the internet so that only the programmed and allowed information can be transmitted to your network. The filtering options can be specific depending on the method of filtration of the information and the level of network being worked at. This software undoubtedly adds to the security of your network. 

 Access control is the second method to secure your network and regulates the number of persons as well as who is allowed to view or get access to the resources in a computing environment. This security technique has been a fundamental concept in the subject of security and helps to reduce chances of any kinds of risks in business or organizations. 

 IP & MAC Binding on TP Link Router

The DHCP server for the LAN network, Vigor Router offers Bind-IP-to-MAC for DHCP Reservation. If in case you reserve an IP address, it will be deleted from the DHCP pool, and only the device (MAC address) binding to it can access that IP address from the router. This feature allows the Network Administrator to give certain devices a specific IP address while utilizing the DHCP for the network IP configuration, especially for the devices that are often used by other LAN clients, such as a printer, network storage, or servers. In addition to this, it allows the Network Administrator to manage the IP address of each LAN client, without the requirement for configuration on each device individually.

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